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Ashish Kumar

( Managing Director, Eustan Ventures)
Singapore | India

He is a young Entrepreneur with abundance of business ideas and technology know how. A dynamic personality, powerful energy house, excellent mind set, acute vision with loving emotions; he knows the business ecosystem. He believes in change - change for the growth which starts from inside to impact the results outside.

Ashish Kumar, an engineering qualified brain with business scaling acumen, has excellent heart for empowering people with wealth & growth mind set. With his entrepreneurial spirit, he has been instrumental in many ventures, turn-key programs & projects in the industry. He has worked with many entrepreneurs, founder members, senior management, start-ups & corporate leaders for their growth trajectory.

He believes that it is not only about Money, but it is about the Right business attitude which takes a businessman at growth path. It’s a thought of abundance and TRUE wealth creation by creating Value for Society. Along with the FINANCIAL INTELLIGENCE he talks of efficient resource utilization to gain maximum productivity with innovation in place.

Being high in spiritual & moral values and being a charming, calm & composed personality he spread a lot of peace, joy, and bliss in his surroundings. His friends call him the man of STRENGTH, toughness, Strong METAL, persistence, focus, detailing and man of TRUE Kindness.

Along with his mentoring and listening leadership skills, he is a great therapist who can bring and re-bring people on their positive tracks in their adverse situations. This also helped individuals achieving extraordinary results, goals and lives under his friendship.

  • Startup Curation & Venture Scaling
  • Entrepreneurs and Leadership Coaching
  • Business Investments
  • Wealth Creation Strategies
  • Financial Intelligence
  • Technology and Systems
  • Health issues & Solutions
  • Organization Structuring
  • Resources Mobilization

Startup Curator & Venture Scaler

Every Business Entrepreneur has some mentors to transform one's idea into the successful business. Being a visionary & executor, one must know the cycle of each parameter of the business ecosystem. Today's business has much higher expectation with faster technology, product and services change. Starts the change from inside to see the result outside.

Ashish Kumar is the one, who understands the technicality, in-depth know-how, strategies to curate & scale ventures gives a special value to all the business owners associated with him. He also guides on practicality aspects of taking business from one stage to the next level. He is said to be an “Expert Startup Curator & Venture Scaler”. He talks about the fast and ever changing nature of business and world. He is the living example of CHANGE MANAGEMENT. With his great observation sense, visionary attitude & change management techniques, he always facilitates his associates in getting stepped up at next level.

Empowering Entrepreneures & Business Leaders

He is experienced in empowering startups founders by channelizing & mobilizing relevant business resources. He is a master of working with young minds and leads them to take their first and starting steps efficiently.

Founder of Eustan Ventures, Singapore & India

Being a founder director of a Technology company "Amosta Solutions", he is committed to value add in technology domain and on the other side, he is empowering many entrepreneurs for their Startup Curation & Venture Scaling in "Eustan Ventures" globally. With the global experience of consulting multinationals, he brings wide variety of experience in scaling a company globally. His engineering background, business scaling, and work experience with many multi-national companies nurtured him the sense of True Business Ecosystem; and enforced him to Train the young entrepreneurs for real wealth creation.

With the diverse industrial experience of more than 15 years, practical approach in business expansion & venture scaling, he has benefited hundreds of young minds starting their own business story with successful legacy. He talks TEAM not SOLO. He talks SYSTEM not ADHOC. He talks BUILDING a GLOBAL BUSINESS not a JOB. He talks ADDING VALUE not BEING VALUED. He talks STRENGTH not WEAKNESS. He talks CREATING WEALTH not MONEY. His understanding of Wealth, Finances and Resources he talks of REAL WEALTH CREATION at all times.


Your LIFE is THE result of your Choices & Decisions

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