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" With Blessings & Grace by "

The LEGEND & Dynamic Industrialist

Founder of Oswal Group - Ludhiana | India

Around 75 years back, when India was fighting for its Independence, There were some people who were also contemplating on India’s Industrial, Economic & Financial Independence to build India’s future by empowering YOUNG Indians.

It started with a firm decision of The FOUR Visionary OSWAL brothers, who lived their life Larger than LIFE.

Late Shri Vidya Sagar Oswal Ji

Shri Vidya Sagar Oswal Ji, Shri Rattan Chand Oswal Ji, Shri Japani Bau Ji & Shri Laxmandas Ji, from LUDHIANA, PUNJAB started a new story of OSWAL Group with a humble beginning from a small rented room.

The room was small, but their GOAL & VISION was NOT SMALL. They started with a vision & conviction about what they were doing.

As a result of their hardwork, sharp focus, belief in their vision & dynamic business attitude, they transformed the entire COTTON & WOOL Industry with their leadership & steering aptitude.

The story of a small room, in next few decades converted into India’s Premium Cotton Mills, Wool Processing, Fabric & Garment Manufacturing, Spinning Mills & Textile Mills.

Soon OSWAL & VARDHMAN were among most successful names/ brands/ groups in the Industry, not only in India but Internationally, across different continents.

Yarn, Wool, Cotton, Fabric and allied product ranges & different brands From THE HOUSE OF OSWAL soon became the market leader In their respective industry/ category.

The Quality standards, value system, business principles, ethics, resource management, dynamic growth patterns followed in OSAWAL group soon became a SUCCESS STORY and lead entire OSWAL GROUP a GIGANTIC BUSINESS HOUSE of India from Ludhiana, Punjab.

Today Ludhiana is called, “Manchester of Punjab”, From where Indian Industry has emerged and became torch bearer. Indian Businessmen have won heart of global customer base by their dedicated hardwork.

With the vision of Late Shri Vidya Sagar Oswal Ji, He had a long stressful journey from simple layman to big business Tycoon. With his hardwork, patience and intelligence he reached to the highest level of being considered as a doyen of Industrial revolution in hosiery in Ludhiana. He had a strong stable personality. Despite many hurdles in life he had a strong determination & faith in life and never lost hope to achieve what he wanted to achieve. The brave man, a great fighter, a revolutionist, a great thinker, a great teacher and above all a great philanthropist, he always thought progressively and was responsible for Industrialist revolution first and later Medical revolution by setting up the biggest comprehensive Cancer Care Hospital in the city of Ludhiana in 1984.

Last but not least, to take Indian Textile Industry at global scale, significant credit goes to OSWAL family, OSWAL GROUP, VARDHMAN GROUP & THE HOUSE OF OSWAL from Ludhiana, Punjab.

Today, HOUSE of OSWAL is a LEGACY.

Rahul Oswal

( Managing Director, Oswal Grandeur Ltd )
Ludhiana | India

As a true reflection of his grandfather Late Shri Vidya Sagar Oswal ji, the Young & Dynamic Business Tycoon Mr. Rahul Oswal is the third generation entrepreneur from THE HOUSE of OSWAL, Ludhiana, Punjab.

By working with guidance principles of OSWAL Family, he has practiced and lived all the values & ethics, which OSWAL is known for. He has very well understood the quality standards, business ethics, moral character principles & resource management skills followed by OSWAL group and demonstrated high levels of integrity in business practices, dealings and delivery.

As a professional, he is excellent in technical level detailing, production, manufacturing, quality control, buying, procurement strategies, price management & cost management.

He has build solid skills and knowledge over COTTON, YARN, SPINNING, WOOL & Fabric production. He is the one who can clearly map and supply different level of quality at right pricing in the market.

In the textile, Yarn, Fabrics & garment manufacturing he has always proved himself as a torch bearer & guided with his leadership on the steering.

As a person, fond of Fashion & Lifestyle, he has very good sense of designs, styles, trends & fashion for different regions, states, cities, countries and continents and that too in different weather conditions, demography and age groups.

He has great experience in manufacturing Shirts, Denims, Jeans, Sweaters, Shawls, Jackets, Coats, Blazers, Suit-lengths, T-Shirts & other garment allied products for all kind of markets.

With high values in life, simplicity in nature, & spiritual inclination you will find Mr Rahul Oswal a rare combination of Sharp & Focused Business Tycoon with a kind hearted soul within which is God & Nature Loving.

He is a traveller, learner, educator, mentor, friend, explorer, seeker & leader at the same time, who shows path to many peers & fellows.

With the deep understanding of his business, profession & domain, industry people and industry body name Mr RAHUL OSWAL as “COTTON & WOOL KING” in entire Industry.

Because of his business acumen & dynamic business attitude he has diversified into various business & industry verticals. Along with Textiles, Mr Rahul Oswal is veteran in Real Estate, Group Housing, Construction, Town Planning, Hospitality, Health & Wellness.

With “OSWAL CLUB”, he is the founder for a premium club which deals in Club Holidays & Resorts specialised in Luxury, Leisure & Lifestyle. It is today an example of how Luxury Wellness & Luxury Hospitality is taking shape in this New World.

With a vision of taking Indian Textile Industry on top at Global Scale & providing economic opportunity & self employment option to large indian fellows, he is working hard day & night with industry bodies.

Around 75 Years, his grandfather Late Shri Vidya Sagar Oswal Ji decided to build Indian Textile Industry at a new level. Today, as a legacy, he has decided to create new history by building different industries at next level which are competent & winning at GLOBAL stage with same values & ethics which he has imbibed under the loving guidance of entire OSWAL Group members - from THE HOUSE OF OSWAL.

Message from Mr. Rahul Oswal

Managing Director Oswal Grandeur Ltd.

Dear friends,

I, Rahul Oswal greet you all on the behalf of Oswal Grandeur Ltd & Maats family and want to congratulate you for your bright future. You all must be knowing that ‘Direct Selling’ is 21st century’s fastest growing business. There is a huge capacity of employment in ‘Direct Selling’ as well as financial growth with family ,society & business aspects for every citizen.

To give you a little background about the Oswal Business House, it was founded by my respected Late Grandfather Lala Vidya Sagar Oswal ji which has now grown to be a global and multibrand group in a span of over 70 yrs of its inception & has spread all over the country. This group is famous for its wool & cotton products like shirts, t-shirts, jeans, sweaters, jackets, coats, pants, and industrial goods like yarn & fabrics. With years of experience and commitment towards customer satisfaction, Oswal Group, Ludhiana, is known to be trusted for its World Class Quality in all their product-lines.

Our family has equally dedicated their focus towards Nation Building through our business and social service initiatives.

With the same tradition of Customer Satisfaction & Nation Building, we at Oswal Grandeur Ltd, have decided to provide Quality Products to all distributors and associates of MAATS Parivar. We are available for you 24/7 with the same zeal, diligence, stringent quality standards and new technology driven products.

I believe that with the Distinguished Vision & Leadership of International Wellness & Life Coach "Dr. Sudhir Kumar Thakur" & Business Leader “Ashish Kumar” from "180degree Transforming Lives", All MAATS Parivar Associates would be getting Right Knowledge, Skills & Exposure to have overall SUCCESS in LIFE.

I also believe that we need to feel young, be in high spirits & make our people or customers feel the same! Friends, our garments compliment that thought and take you a step closer towards vibrancy. May you all reach your ultimate goal & objective of selling and growing through network marketing. This is my and my team’s (Sudhir Thakur ji & Ashish ji from Maats Family) vision and desire. Let us rise and prosper taking the whole society together!

I wish the Best & Success for all MAATS Parivar Business Associates.

Thank You,
Rahul Oswal


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