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BIGGEST Revolution in Direct Selling Industry

MAATS Parivar

Direct Selling Division of MAATS Value Industries Limited

Maats Parivar

Maats Parivar” is a thought of a group of Experienced, Qualified and Market Driven Professionals from several industries having same vision for the youth, young entrepreneurs and young leaders

Our Belief

Since the beginning of Society, human is the only creature of almighty GOD, who have the DREAM and CURIOSITY for doing something new - Innovative. Innovation for Bread, Clothing & Shelters. As Dream grew bigger and it brought Education, Medicine, Transportation, Electrification, Telecommunication and modernization.

Bigger the human grow so the dream, their wants & needs - The basic needs, physical needs, social, economic and psychological needs. The process demands change, the change demands innovation, the innovation demands ideas, the ideas are the cumulative energy generated by the eternal voice of human guided by the GOD.

About Us

Maats Parivar Vision

Inform, Inspire and Ignite are three words which Improve the Individual’s Insight, Independency and Income.” Let make the Internet – a vehicle for young leaders to ensure their entrepreneurship

Maats Parivar Mission

"Making India Healthy, Wealthy, Prosperous and Happy with Young Entrepreneurship Strategy - YES"

MAATS Platform Ideology

MAATS is a brainstorming platform to invite new Ideas, to ignite internal powerhouse, to initiate young entrepreneurship and to inform inner consciousness “the power of YOU”

MAATS is an opportunity for everyone who really wants to extract “amrut” from the “Samundra Manthan” as the whole concept is based on human needs and their progressive desire for change through innovations.

Maats Parivar Aim

To Create BIGGEST Direct Selling Platform with Solid Education System.

"Bringing dynamic leaders together on a platform to create massive opportunities, growth and value creation for the society."

Maats Parivar Goal

To Add the Value to 10,000,000+ families with Maats Parivar’s Offering by 2022.

To Create SUCCESSFULL 100,000+ Entrepreneurs who are Profitable & Millionaire by 2022.

To Create 10,000+ Shoppe, Centers, Marts and Stores by 2022.

To Create 1000+ Professionally Trained Wellness Coaches who can LEAD the Mission “Making India Healthy, Taking Ayurveda Global”.

To Create 100+ Maats Brand Ambassador who can spread the message of True Wealth Creation.

MAATS Other Businesses

Training & Development

India's Biggest Platform for Wellness Coaches, Trainers, Leaders & Life Transformers.

Wellness Solutions

Wellness Solutions, Products & Services based upon Ancient Indian Ayurveda and Holistic Healing.


Technology Based Platform for PAN India Educators, Tutors, Teachers, Trainers and Students.

Fashion & Clothing

Hight Quality clothing & fashion range from The House of Oswal, Ludhiana

Beauty & Cosmetics

Attractive range of color cosmetics & Skin friendly range of premium cosmetics & beauty solutions.

Home & Personal Care

Enviornment & nature friendly Home care & personal care range for daily lifesyle wellness.

Travel & Resorts

State of The Art Luxury Tourism, Wellness Tourism, Resort and Camping Services.

Infrastructure Development

Real Estate and Smart Infrastructure Development Solutions for Futuristic Townships.


Technology Oriented E-Commerce Platform for Buyers, Affiliates, Agents, Distributors & Resellers.


Young Entrepreneure Strategy for Engaging People in Different Business Models in MAATS Platform.

Financial Technologies

Smart WALLET Solutions & Loyalty Points Services for Cashless, Fast, Transparent and Quick Payments.

Logistics & Distribution

PAN India Logistics & Delivery Platform for Efficient Services to all Distributors, Buyers & Resellers.

YOUR Success COMES First

MAATS Parivaar believe in the YOUR SUCCESS & HAPPINESS as an Independent Business Owners with MAATS.


Your Dream

MAATS Parivar first Dream is to Empower YOU so that YOU have opportunity to fullfill your Dreams of Living a Good and rather a GREAT Life as a SUCCESSFULL Person.


Your Family

MAATS Parivar values the prosperity and joy in your Family Life. MAATS encourages all associates to develop themselves to Earn Well & Make Hansome Money for their Families.


Your Wealth

MAATS Parivar is a Platform where YOU Can Re-start YOUR EDUCATION and Personality Development to Learn How to Create Wealth and Prosperity as a SUCCESSFULL Business Person.

MAATS Parivar Advantages

Winning Leadership at all Levels

MAATS Parivar is committed to Encourage & Empower its Associates and Distributors with Technology Based Platform and Right Level of Personal Leadership Development for ovarall SUCCESS in their BUSINESS.

Powerful Training & Education System

MAATS Parivar is believer of Role of EDUCATION SYSTEM for the development of all Parivar by Establishing World Class & Professional Training & Suport System SINCE DAY 1.

Opportunity & Profitability for Entrepreneurs

MAATS Parivar is providing equal opportunity to all aspiring leaders for fullfilling all your Dreams & Hopes with Profitable Business Model in the Marketplace.

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